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There are many exciting ways to experiment with solo sex and find your pleasure spots. Exploring and experimenting with new techniques could blow your mind.

1. Add lube to your playtime.

Lube can come in handy to help ease in a toy or your fingers.

2. Turn yourself “on.”

One way to turn yourself on is to expand your definition of self-pleasure apart from just sexual touches.

3. Move with PLEASURE

Since most play with themselves lying down, focusing on what they’re doing with their hands. Try moving with pleasure.

4. Explore your sweet spot.

Your sweet spot is vital for solo sex satisfaction and pleasure.It’s time to get to know your sweet spot, as different people respond to different touch types.

5. Time to explore your whole body.

While your sweet spot is the epicentre of pleasure, only focusing on it excludes other body parts. Exploring different body parts with your hand can create a slow build to orgasm.

6. Up your fun with some sex toys.

You might find that adding toys to your solo routine can provide additional pleasure.

7. Set the scene.

You change the sheets, light candles, and cue up your favourite sexy playlist when you’re about to get it on with a partner, so why not put the same amount of effort into solo time?

8. Clear your mind and just let go.

Set aside 10 minutes for goal-less solo sex. To become more in tune during your solo time, stop focusing on reaching an orgasm. The key is not to force the orgasm or overthink it.

9. “Edging”

Prolonging the climax can make it much more intense. Playing the “game of 10:” play until you get close to an orgasm but stop before letting yourself finish. Repeat until you reach 10.

10. Bring on the waterworks.

The showerhead is a self-pleasure icon. For a good reason: You can easily control the speed, pressure, and positioning.

11. Engage and awaken your five senses.

  • Change your sheets into silk to excite your sense of touch.
  • Stimulate your hearing sense by playing seductive music.
  • Dim the lights to create a sexy and romantic ambience.
  • Put on some racy lingerie to feel sultry.
  • Awake your sense of smell with oils.

12. Experiment with new solo sex positions.

Different positions can bring fresh sensations and may create more powerful orgasms.

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