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Do you wish there was one unique, incredible, simple sex technique that you could use to solve the problem of what makes men tick in bed? No one technique will satisfy him every time; however, a combination of things can.

1- He wants to know that you find him attractive

Studies show that men want to feel desired, too. When he feels wanted, it can lead to more sexual satisfaction.

2- He needs to experience variety.

Men enjoy different things in bed. Some like anal sex and prefer it to regular sex, while others enjoy getting a blowjob.

3-To Connect with You

Intimacy with a person is one of the main reasons people have sex, including casual sex. You don’t have to be in love to be vulnerable, experience pleasure, or connect with another person for the night.

A “secret” tip:

1. Try to mimic his body language and movements.

4- Relieve the pressure.

Most men feel that they are the only ones who initiate sex. Many feel pressure because of this, which may not make their sex lives much good.

  • Initiate sex
  • Get on top
  • Take control
  • Make Yourself Orgasm
  • Involve his entire body
  • Don’t focus solely on his climax

5- To Know, You’re Having a Good Time

Men care about their partner’s pleasure. You can still love having sex even if you don’t have orgasms. He wants to know this. Tell him that you’re enjoying sex because pretending to like something you’re not will encourage your partner to keep doing what you dislike.

6- Time to explore his fantasies

Everyone has a sexual fantasy, and where there are fantasies that you may never want to explore in reality, there are probably some that you mightwant to explore. Exploring his fantasies is a great way to give him what he wants in bed.

7- To Know What You Want

You can let your man know what’s working and give him gentle corrections when he’s not.

8 – Try and “MATCH” your partner’s libido.

We could have said to have more sex, but you’ll be amazed that not all men want more sex; That is why it’s vital to communicate what you like and don’t like. If your libido is lower or higher than your partner’s, try to reach a mutually beneficial compromise.

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