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Sex in the movies looks fantastic. But, if you’re like most men, sex may not be as satisfying as you see. You may have anxieties about your performance or even physical self-consciousness.

What’s up with your sex life?

To have excellent sex, men must overcome mental and physical obstacles. They may suffer from self-doubt and cling to sex myths and misconceptions.

What Exactly Is Great Sex?

The concept of great sex is subjective. Men may think it means giving their partner multiple orgasms or lasting hours. However, great sex is When you develop open communication and are open and honest with your partner.

  • Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk Is Essential. It’s all about being honest and trustworthy. Men can speak to their partners about what they want and what their partner loves.

  • Don’t Believe What You Hear in the Locker Room.

Men may brag to their friends about their sexual experiences, but they are less likely than women to express their sexual problems. As a result, men create false impressions of sexual satisfaction for themselves and each other.

  • Don’t Make Comparisons Between Your Sex Life and Porn.

Unfortunately, pornography may have taught males a lot about sex. The problem is that the women and men who appear in porn are typically in outstanding physical condition and are both physically talented, leading to unrealistic expectations. One of the most dangerous misconceptions regarding porn is that many men fear they are too small. Pornography can also teach males that women are always ready for sex, that the same moves work on all partners, and that sex always ends in orgasm.

  • Focus on Pleasure

Stress, worry, and other distractions can make sex less pleasant. Leave work-related stress at work, and be less concerned about your performance. Men should embrace the FOPS (Focus on Pleasurable Sensations) slogan.

  • Concentrate on other factors rather than size.

Men are frequently informed that women don’t care about penis size. While this is true for most guys, having huge genitals isn’t important as long as it’s compatible with your spouse. Focusing on foreplay and other forms of pleasure will lead to more fulfilling sex for guys of all sizes.

  • Make a Sex Schedule.

Scheduled sex may appear dull, but it may be more relaxing since both parties have more realistic expectations.

Scheduling sex may help reduce friction over desire differences and relieve performance pressure.

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