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How to up your game in self-pleasure

Masturbation can reduce stress and your risk of prostate cancer. It can also function as a sleep aid since you’ll naturally feel relaxed and tired post-climax. That’s a far cry from perceiving it as a mere sexual thrill or naughty secret pleasure.

Over the years, you’ve chosen a tried-and-true favourite self-pleasure technique when playing with yourself. Like partnered sex positions, self-pleasure can be more fun with some variety.

While you may not want to overdo it, experts agree on the many benefits of self-pleasure. Besides, solo sex relieves your anxieties and builds up your endurance and performance.

Solo sex tips experts recommend using to up your self-pleasuring game.

Not so fast.

When you need to relieve stress ASAP, you might rush through self-pleasuring as a way to get it done and move on. This way of thinking often extends to the bedroom with your partner.


Edging may help you adjust and prolong the pleasure. The idea is to extend the occurrence of what is known as the feeling of “inevitability.” That is when a man can feel all the semen moving through his genitals and knows he will climax. The longer he can put this off, the longer he will keep his erection.

Focus On Your Testicles

Many men forget to involve the testicles during self-pleasure, but handling them simultaneously during self-pleasuring can be very pleasurable.

The Hand Screw Technique

While standing, twist your lubed-up hand, so your thumb is against your belly button. Wrap your hand around your love muscle, and move your pelvis to pump in and out of your hand.

Play With Your Frenulum

The “frenulum” is the small piece of skin connecting your foreskin to the head of your love muscle, which is extremely sensitive. Use the tips of your fingers and gently massage the area, or gently pull the skin off your love muscle’s shaft. The key to enjoying this technique is to learn patience since it will take a while for you to reach climax.

Experience the Journey, Not the Destination

We encourage you to thoroughly consider your feelings, take a breather and enjoy everything from how your hand feels to how fast you want to go. Next time you are self-pleasuring, notice what you are doing physically and learn how specific actions increase and decrease arousal. Stay focused on how your body is feeling.

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How to up your game in self-pleasure.

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