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For Him: 7 tips for taking masturbation to the next level

Masturbation is viewed as a means to an end, a continual release that men are hard-wired to need. However Satisfying solo sex is vital because it allows you to discover what makes you tick without worrying about another person’s pleasure.

  • Experiment with various lubricants.

You’ll have a smoother glide and feel more like penetrative sex than if you used your bare hand.

  • Choose the proper time.

This is more about lowering stress levels to create the perfect conditions for orgasms. Masturbation releases a ton of feel-good endorphins into the body. You’ll perform at your best when calm, comfortable, and joyful.

  • Toys aren’t anything to be terrified of.

Sex Shops today have more to offer men than ever before. The changes in intensity and textures will aid in masturbation stimulation, increasing the likelihood of orgasm.

  • Reduce the number of times you self-pleasure.

It may seem obvious, but tugging on the penis excessively lowers its sensitivity, and masturbation will no longer fulfil you to the same extent as previously. You may begin to need this to orgasm and struggle to get there via oral or penetration.

  • Take care of yourself.

Psychology has been linked to orgasm troubles; for example, feelings of dread and stress may prevent orgasm if one’s attention is elsewhere and not focused on the present moment. To combat this, we propose making basic lifestyle changes such as regular exercise or trying out mindfulness activities, which will boost your satisfaction from masturbation.

  • Lose control

When practising self-love, try not to prioritize your orgasm; instead, feel the sensations and enjoy them for what they are. Remember that the charm of indulging yourself is that you are not being watched or judged – and you have the freedom to let go and follow your impulses wherever they go.

  • Switch up your routine.

Despite trying your best to impress your spouse (ideally), when was the last time you spiced up your alone time?

Porn and a brief hand shandy could work, but you might end yourself in a masturbatory Groundhog Day predicament if that’s all you do. Variety is the key to healthy sex life, so take a look at your typical pattern and shake it up once in a while.

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