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For Him: 16 Foreplay tips to make her beg for more

The phrase “foreplay” is misleading since it suggests that what follows—the actual “play” or intercourse—will be superior. Most women are unable to orgasm just through penetration. To reach a climax, they require clitoral stimulation. Try our 16 Tips on how to leave her wanting more!

  • Ask what turns her on.

Most women like men who go out of their way to ensure they’re happy.

  • Sexting.

Sexy texts or pictures can pique your partner’s interest during the day.

  • Temperature play.

A fun and easy technique to dial up the heat on your foreplay is to use ice cubes on sensitive areas

  • Get wet together.

Start foreplay while you are in the shower or bath together.

  • Strip show.

Give your partner a strip tease. Your partner will get turned on by seeing you nude, no matter how ridiculous you think it is.

  • Give an erotic massage.

Start by giving your spouse an erotic massage that relaxes and teases them.

  • Focus on enjoying the pleasure.

People get turned on by knowing their partner is having fun, too.

  • At first, take it easy.

It is critical to begin slowly and gently. As sensitive as the clit is, rushing directly to it might overstimulate it.

  • Try the figure-eight method.

One of the most tried and true techniques to get things going below the belt with women are the figure-8 tongue technique.

  • Examine every part of her body.

Spend some time focusing on her entire body. Erogenous zones, such as the neck, thighs, and breasts, are found throughout the body.

  • Sex Toys.

By discussing and figuring out what works for her, you may have fun deciding which toys to use during sex.

  • Add some BDSM.

BDSM may be a pleasant way to experiment with dominance and submission in the bedroom.

  • Sensation Play.

Sensory exploration is fantastic, and there’s much more to sex than orgasms. This entails using your senses of touch, smell, taste, sound, and vision.

  • Talk Dirty.

Dirty talk can get your partner hot and bothered in no time. Brush up on your talking skills.

  • Kissing.

The most erotic pleasure for women comes from passionate kissing. Kissing is always the best method to draw her back into it if you feel she’s starting to lose interest.

  • Praise her efforts.

If your spouse takes on the initiator role, tell them how turned on you are. It boosts self-esteem.

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