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17 Foreplay tips to blow his mind

It’s important to you and a lot of fun for him, but it’s not only for a woman’s pleasure; foreplay is crucial for both of you. Blow his mind with these 17 tips!

  • Talk Dirty

The most significant impact is that it keeps your partner thinking about you and sex.

  • Lingerie Shopping with Him

You’re great at picking out lingerie that flatters you, but it’s not the same as him picking out lingerie that he thinks would be hot.

  • Tease him.

A sweet little torment magnifies a man’s excitement so that every touch is more exquisite when you finally strike.

  • Make a list of what you’d like him to do.

This list focuses on what you want him to do during foreplay.

  • Foreplay Outside Of The Bedroom

Slip your hand down his trousers while he’s on the sofa, kiss his neck passionately while he’s on his laptop, or show your spouse that he’s allowed to fondle you while you’re doing laundry.

  • Sensation Play

We interact with and interpret the environment primarily through our senses—touch, smell, sound, taste, and sight—and they significantly influence how we feel pleasure.

  • Seduce him

To seduce your partner, all you need is the intention and some kinkiness within you, and you are all set to fire up your sex life.

  • Full-Body Massage

Lower the lights in the room, light a candle and turn on some music before inviting him for a full-body massage.

  • Take Charge.

Most men will tell you how amazing it is when a woman takes the lead.

  • Let Him Dominate You

Giving your partner a bit more power is never a bad idea.

  • Sexy Invitation

There’s something enticing about a lady all hot and bothered, ready and waiting, and giving her lover an invitation to sex.

  • Fulfil His Fantasy

Ask what his sexual desires are, and then make them come true!

  • Watch Porn With Him

Porn for him is foreplay since men are visually stimulated. So indulge him, and watch with him

  • Get Creative With Oral

Oral sex can be as much pleasure for the giver as it is for the receiver, especially if you try new motions that both will enjoy.

  • Let Him Watch You Pleasure Yourself

It’ll be a foreplay experience he’ll never forget, and simply having him watch you may be a huge turn-on.

  • Sex Toys

Those sexy gadgets and rings for his penis make foreplay and sex more enjoyable.

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