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11 Mind Blowing Tips for Her

Okay, chances are you’ve touched yourself before, even if it was only hesitantly in the shower during your adolescent phase of self-discovery. However, many women have no idea how to masturbate or attain an orgasm independently.

Self-satisfaction is one of the most liberating and revolutionary things a woman can accomplish. But that’s not all: it may also help you figure out what you like and don’t, making it easier to enjoy sexual activities with your partner.

Read our 11 Mind-Blowing Tips!

Make a note of it.

Create a note on your calendar; we make time for the things that matter to us. Give yourself time to indulge in self-pleasure.

Prepare yourself by de-stressing.

It’s true: Women’s sex drives are more sensitive to stress than men’s, so you can have a more challenging time feeling aroused when you’re in a foul mood.

Have a look.

Curiosity is the first step toward being comfortable. Take a hand mirror, and get to know the appearance of your vulva.

Make a date with yourself.

We suggest “meditative masturbation,” which involves utilizing awareness of all five senses to create a romantic, loving, and comfortable setting for yourself.

Get lubed up.

Lube will be your best friend when it comes to experiencing greater pleasure from masturbation.

New Sex Toys.

It’s a reality that women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, which is why we have sex toys.

Concentrate on pleasures.

Try just giving in to sensations instead than focusing on reaching a climax.

Think dirty thoughts.

Arousal begins in your mind, and if your mind is aroused, the rest of your body will soon follow. Daydreaming encourages your brain to cooperate. Imagine your sexiest sexual experience and relive it in your brain.

Try erotica.

Remember, while pornos are the most popular source of masturbation material, there is a whole universe of erotica available. Experiment with different media and information to see what gets your engine going.

Take it easy.

Many women wish their spouses would devote more time to foreplay, so don’t rush things for yourself. Go three times slower than you think you should.

Change your approach.

Variety adds flavour to sex, even if it’s only a solo session. For instance, if you usually stroke yourself in a diagonal pattern by rotating your fingers from side to side over your clitoris, you may vary your stroke by massaging it with up-and-down.

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