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7 Common mistakes men make in bed

Dear men, a change in your thinking will enhance your sex life. Here are six common mistakes men make in the bedroom.

Thinking That Sex Starts in the Bedroom.

Feeling safe and secure plays a significant role for women; this can help them let loose during sex. So, pave the way during the day by being affectionate and showing her that you appreciate her.

You Assume You Know What She Wants.

Many women are faking orgasms. So, you may not know if she is genuinely enjoying herself. This is where communication is vital, not only for her pleasure but for yours too.

Sticking to Your Go-To Moves.

Repeating the same thing will become redundant, and her body gets used to those sensations, so if it worked the first couple of times, it might not be as pleasurable the following three times. When you find something that works for her, linger on it during that session as women often complain that their partner moves on to the next move too quickly and just as they start to enjoy the stimulation.

You Keep It Physical

Expand your idea of “moreplay”. Most men only focus on the physical stimulation and often forget about the mental stimulation women require to get into the mood.

Expect Intercourse Can Give Her an Orgasm.

A study indicates that as high as 70% of women cannot orgasm just on penetration alone and need some form of CLITORAL stimulation to climax during intercourse.

As most sex positions don’t directly stimulate the clitoris, you will need to find better alternative positions and activities to help her reach an orgasm.

You don’t seduce her.

Before you were in a relationship with her, you liked teasing and taunting her. You seduced her; now that you are in a relationship, you no longer need to seduce her. However, she still wants to be pursued, flirted and seduced and to know that she is desirable.

Hyper-Focused on Ringing the Bell

Most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm; however, it’s more complex than you think. It’s much more than just the tiny “button” you see. Its nerve endings spread throughout the vulva. It’s so sensitive that too much stimulation can hurt. Some women may not need direct stimulation on their sweet spot to reach an orgasm, while others may.

Once she has reached an orgasm through her sweet spot, stop the pressure and move on.

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