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How to pleasure yourself – Solo sex tips for her

Solo-Sex is a type of art form:
• There are many exciting ways to experiment with solo sex and find your pleasure spots.
• No specific method is right or wrong.
• It can take some exploring to figure out what works for your body.
However, even if you know what you are doing, exploring and experimenting with new techniques could blow your mind with finding something that pleasures you in many unique ways. And if you’re in the process of exploring yourself, finding new ways to turn yourself on and potentially have mind-blowing orgasms while switching up your Solo-sex routine could open up a new world of pleasure for yourself.

1. Add EXTRA wetness (lube) to your playtime.
If you want to incorporate penetration into solo sex, lube can come in handy to help ease in a toy or your fingers.
Lube can also enhance your sweet spot stimulation.
When your coochie is wet, it is easier and more pleasurable to penetrate with fingers or toys. It also reduces friction on your sweet spot, which may be painful or unpleasant. We suggest using lube with insertive toys, even if you have natural wetness.
It’s about needing it but about adding it as an extra enhancement to expand your world of pleasure.
Like our Lovers+ warming lube, besides its most prominent feature, Lovers+ warming lube does more than just add wetness to your body’s most delicate areas. It can also help enhance arousal by increasing blood flow, adding extra tingles and sensations to even the most subtle types of play.

2. Time to turn yourself “on.”
Tapping into your body’s sensations is vital for enjoying solo sex. One way to turn yourself on is to expand your definition of self-pleasure apart from just sexual touches.
This could mean using a scented bubble bath, candles, or aromatic oils, focussing only on the changes in the temperature of the water and how it feels when brushing over your skin. This works well with lotion, too. Pay attention to every sensation you feel as you slowly lather yourself in your favorite scented lotion.
For the ones who are not yet comfortable with solo sex, non-sexual touches can be a non-threatening way to help ease yourself into sexual contact. Starting with minor things, like rubbing your feet with lotion, massaging your hands with oils, and sliding on some silky lingerie. It can turn you on mentally and be less daring than jumping straight to touching yourself.

3. Move with PLEASURE
Since most play with themselves lying down, focusing on what they’re doing with their hands. Never thinking of moving with the pleasure. One can miss out on more satisfaction and benefits that moving with passion can bring.
Did you know that moving your pelvis and body can increase your heart rate and blood flow to your sensitive areas? This increases circulation and can heighten arousal.
The circulation-boosting method is relatively easy to follow. Which involves lying on your back, thrusting your pelvis up and down squeezing your coochie muscles while you are moving.

4. Explore your sweet spot.
Your sweet spot is vital for solo sex satisfaction and pleasure. A 2017 survey published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy states that three-quarters of females say that clitoral stimulation is necessary for orgasm and enhances sexual acts.
Now is the time to get to know your sweet spot, as different people respond to different touch types. Some, for instance, might prefer direct hard pressure. In contrast, others may choose suction or more gentle pressure.
For direct pressure, your finger or a toy will work wonders. Try it with slow movements and up the speed and pressure.

5. Time to explore your whole body.
While your sweet spot is the epicenter of pleasure, only focusing on it excludes other body parts that can severely impact your satisfaction.
Exploring different body parts with your hand can create a slow build to orgasm. You might find yourself having other orgasms that you haven’t experienced before.
You may want to consider including these body parts in your solo sessions: nipples, chest, neck, thighs, labia, perineum, and anus.
You also want to experiment with different variations in sensations like going from light to medium, then hard touch by fluttering your fingers, pinching, slapping, or grabbing.

6. Up your fun with some sex toys.
Sex toy shame is at least somewhat lifting culturally, but embarrassment isn’t the only reason you might not be embracing a new toy.
However, you might find that adding toys to your solo routine can provide additional pleasure and enjoyment. A 2009 report in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that women who used toys reported better overall sexual health, including increased arousal and orgasms.
And in case you or your partner is concerned, toys are unlikely to become addictive or replace your partner and won’t desensitize your sweet spot. They can, however, enhance your sexual pleasure and give new life to mundane routines.
We suggest starting with something you can enjoy alone and with a partner.

7. Set the scene.
You change the sheets, light candles, and cue up your favorite sexy playlist when you’re about to get it on with a partner, so why not put the same amount of effort into solo time?
This is the most crucial tip on the list, as setting the scene goes hand in hand with all the other information. The first will be to clean your room. You cannot feel sexy in a messy, crowded room. It’s best to create a relaxing and comfortable space. This will also help with freeing up your mind.
Next, lock your door; yes, lock the door even if you are alone. There is no need to worry about someone barging in or interrupting your solo time. Now get all your toys and goodies ready before exploring your body. Put on some erotica like 365 days or fifty shades of grey, and if not the movie type, play some sexy songs.
Light candles, spray your favorite perfume and throw some rose petals on your bed or in the bath, and start touching yourself.

8. Clear your mind and just let go.
To become more in tune during your solo sexy time is to stop focusing on reaching an orgasm. Setting aside 10 minutes for goal-less solo sex. Stimulating different parts of your coochie and other areas with different types of touch by varying the speed and pressure. When your mind starts to drift, bring it back by tuning into the sensations you’re feeling. You might allow it to happen if it happens on its own; the key is not to force the orgasm or overthink it. Just focus on the pleasure you are feeling.
Meditation is an excellent way of clearing your mind and letting go before your solo sexy time. If meditation is not your thing, cleaning your room and setting the scene can assist in freeing up your mind and help you let go.

9. Intense, blissful release by prolonging your orgasm.
Prolonging the climax can make it much more intense. It can also be a fun way to stretch out your solo me time.
Playing the “game of 10:” play until you get close to an orgasm but stop before letting yourself climax; that’s one. Then pause to let your arousal fall back a bit, change to a new position, and play close to orgasm again. That’s two. Repeat in a different position each time until you reach 10. Now let yourself enjoy the out-of-this-world, blissful release.

10. Bring on the waterworks.
The showerhead is a self-pleasure icon. For a good reason: Detachable showerheads with multiple speeds can be a fantastic way to engage in solo sex. You can easily control the speed, pressure, and positioning. If your showerhead isn’t quite up to the task, your bath tap can offer pleasure too. You may lie down and put your feet on either side of the bath. The water flows onto your sweet spot and into your coochie opening underneath the fixture.

11. Engage and awaken your 5 senses.
Solo sex is profoundly much better if you engage more of your senses. Consider making it a self-pleasure ritual:
• Change your sheets into silk to excite your sense of touch.
• Stimulate your hearing sense by playing seductive music.
• Dim the lights to create a sexy and romantic ambiance.
• Put on some racy lingerie to feel exceptionally sultry.
• Awake your sense of smell with aromatic oils.
Make it all about self-love, self-care, and embracing new pleasures.
Apply mindfulness principles to your solo sessions to feel each sensory experience more intensely. This means noticing and becoming curious about your bodily sensations and erotic thoughts and being non-judgmental about your experience. Try to let yourself release the guilt and shame you might be feeling.
Practice daily meditation to learn mindfulness techniques that you can apply during your solo sex session.

12. Experiment with new solo sex positions.
One of the best solo sex tips is to switch up your positions. Different positions can bring fresh sensations and may create more powerful orgasms.
Making love to yourself in new positions can be as adventurous as making love to a partner. We suggest sitting on your knees for a more excellent range of motion for an effortless full-body self-exploration.
Getting on all fours will increase leg and pelvic muscle tension. Which can intensify sensations in sensual areas and sitting in a chair for better access to your coochie. Knowing that you have many new positions to look forward to can also increase your solo sex anticipation


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