Playtime report

Are you a looker?

37.50% voted for My mom thinks so.

62.50% voted for Everyone thinks so.

Which drink do you like to loosen up with?

50.00% voted for Beer.

50.00% voted for Cocktail.

Beauty vs Brains?

53.85% voted for I’ll take brains over looks.

46.15% voted for I’ll take beauty anyday.

What do you think of chivalry?

71.43% voted for You’re not a real lover without it.

28.57% voted for It’s a thing of the past. Let’s move on.

How do you pick her up?

35.09% voted for A smooth tongue gets the job done.

64.91% voted for Just be yourself. Pick up lines are for amateurs.

First date finances:

33.33% voted for Split the bill, it’s only fair!

66.67% voted for The man pays. Every time.

He shows up with flowers at the door:

84.75% voted for The man’s got game.

15.25% voted for That’s lame

He open’s the car door for his girl:

92.44% voted for The man’s got game.

7.56% voted for That’s lame

She earns more than you:

59.65% voted for Split the bill, it’s only fair!

40.35% voted for The man pays. Every time.

What’s your party style?

24.00% voted for Suit and tie is how I fly.

76.00% voted for Whatever’s comfy, that’s me.

How important are dance moves in a lover?

23.33% voted for You stand no chance if you can’t dance.

76.67% voted for I got two left feet, but I still got game.

What are your ideal party tunes?

67.50% voted for Deep house is my groove

32.50% voted for Pop ‘til you drop

What's the perfect date day?

77.24% voted for Picnic in the great outdoors.

22.76% voted for Fancy schmancy dinner in town.

What's the best night to head out?

61.90% voted for Friday

38.10% voted for Saturday

The Date went really wrong, do you:

63.33% voted for Call them back - let’s try again.

36.67% voted for Move on to other fish in the sea.

I’d rather play with someone:

22.50% voted for Much older. Couger FTW!

77.50% voted for My age or similar.

Would you date your best friend’s ex?

73.77% voted for That's just wrong.

26.23% voted for Why not!

Would you ever date your best friend?

46.15% voted for

53.85% voted for

Perfect hair length for a lover?

41.60% voted for Long locks for me!

58.40% voted for Let's keep it short!

Do you like your lovers thin?

45.64% voted for Yes please

54.36% voted for I'm not fussy

Using a condom:

88.04% voted for I insist everytime.

11.96% voted for Who cares. YOLO right?

Your first playtime:

65.92% voted for It was awesome.

34.08% voted for It was less than awesome.

Are you a morning or late night lover?

37.32% voted for This early bird catches the worm.

62.68% voted for I’m a late night lover.

Food in the bedroom?

68.75% voted for Playtime snacks. Yes please.

31.25% voted for Don’t mix food and pleasure!

Playtime with toys?

41.82% voted for It’s not playtime without them.

58.18% voted for I have all the toys I need!

What’s your current Playmate status?

29.18% voted for I’m looking for a playmate.

70.82% voted for I have a playmate.

How often do you enjoy ‘Playtime’?

66.43% voted for More than twice a week.

33.57% voted for Twice a week or less.

Where do you like to Play?

43.06% voted for Play it safe in the bedroom.

56.94% voted for I’ll play anywhere.

Your place or mine?

42.81% voted for Yours.

57.19% voted for Mine.

How long before playtime?

33.21% voted for Play on the first date.

66.79% voted for I prefer to wait.

Where would you rather Play:

60.00% voted for Beach

40.00% voted for Mountains

Want more Playtime?

19.64% voted for I’m playing enough, thanks.

80.36% voted for I want to play more.

Playtime in the Office?

84.62% voted for Oh yeah!

15.38% voted for No never!

Ever played with a workmate?

40.00% voted for Yup!

60.00% voted for I don’t mix business with pleasure.

Ever played with a friend?

36.36% voted for No ways!

63.64% voted for Umm, yes!

How many Playmates do you prefer?

88.89% voted for Only one at a time!

11.11% voted for The more the merrier!

Ever cheated on your playmate?

44.72% voted for Guilty.

55.28% voted for Not guilty.

Play with the lights on or off?

0.00% voted for 11

100.00% voted for Turn them off!

Playtime with music on?

78.57% voted for Turn it up!

21.43% voted for Shut it off.


100.00% voted for Let's take it slow.

0.00% voted for Let's skip it.

Playtime during showertime?

81.82% voted for Let's get it on.

18.18% voted for Please no!

Ever filmed yourself playing?

30.00% voted for Oh yeah!

70.00% voted for Ew no!

What about cybersex?

41.67% voted for That doesn't count.

58.33% voted for Hey, why not?

Does size matter?

40.00% voted for Big time.

60.00% voted for Not at all.

Is it bad for a date to use bad language?

61.16% voted for It's a major no-no.

38.84% voted for Who give's a #$!@

How do you feel about a date who smokes?

60.33% voted for Not a fan!

39.67% voted for I'm not fussy

Do you mind tattoos in a lover?

46.03% voted for The less ink the better

53.97% voted for I love a little ink.

Would you ever have a cyber relationship?

28.93% voted for I'm a digital lover!

71.07% voted for That's just not real.

Would you ever date long distance?

43.80% voted for No thanks.

56.20% voted for I can handle the distance!

Do you kiss on the first date?

71.79% voted for That would be ideal!

28.21% voted for Let's take it slow.

Should your lover be jealous over you?

83.33% voted for A little jealousy is good!

16.67% voted for Jealousy makes you nasty.

Should lovers share passwords for social media?

49.60% voted for I got nothing to hide.

50.40% voted for Respect my privacy!

Does your Lover need to be rich?

92.76% voted for Money makes no difference for me

7.24% voted for I'm a golddigger!